Teak Garden Benches

Prices Held Since 2022

A selection of our teak garden benches:


Current Range and Prices

Prices Held Since 2022
Wimbledon Bench SOLD OUT50cm£195.00
Wimbledon Bench130cm£355.00
Wimbledon Bench180cm£455.00
Bexley Bench SOLD OUT130cm£395.00
Bexley Bench SOLD OUT150cm£445.00
Bexley Bench SOLD OUT180cm£499.00
Contemporary Bench170cm£635.00
Classic Bench SOLD OUT 130cm£645.00
Classic Bench SOLD OUT150cm£695.00
Classic Bench SOLD OUT 180cm£745.00
Classic Bench SOLD OUT240cm£995.00
Lutyens Bench 130cm£645.00
Lutyens Bench 150cm£795.00
Lutyens Bench 180cm£845.00