The behaviour of Teak

teak_weatheringNatural teak if left outdoors will gradually weather to a silver grey colour, This would probably take about 9 months depending on the amount of sun and rain it has been subjected to.

Small cracks (known as checking) may appear, this is a characteristic of all hardwood timbers and will not affect the strength or durability of the furniture. This is due to changes in the seasons and the wood releasing or drawing moisture from the atmosphere, checking is not to be considered as a defect.

Wood and Moisture

All wood in growing trees contains considerable quantities of water, commonly called sap. Most of this water should be removed in order to obtain satisfactory service from the wood in use. All wood gains or loses moisture in an attempt to reach a state of balance with the condition under which it is stored or used. The amount of moisture in wood is spoken of as its “moisture content”. Timber used in our furniture is kiln dried so as to minimise the swelling and contracting of the furniture.

Teak Furniture Care information

Treating with teak oil or other preservatives will not extend the life of your furniture, it is purely cosmetic. Should you prefer to return the furniture to its original colour we recommend that you apply the oil before weathering takes place. Ensure that the furniture is dry and free of dust and apply one light coat of oil with a clean cloth or brush, wiping off any excess oil. Teak oil should not be applied over accumulated dirt as the teak will eventually darken.

If necessary, remove previous oil or dirt by vigorous scrubbing or using a pressure hose. The pressure hose should be held at a distance of 6 to 8 feet away, set at about 1000psi (approximately 70 bar).

Mortice & Tennon JointMarks from spills on a tabletop, especially if they contain fat, should avoided where possible, as they are difficult to remove. Any such marks will eventually be washed out by the elements. However this process may be accelerated by allowing the stain to soak into any absorbent Material applied to it for a time under pressure and then rubbing with sandpaper in the direction of the grain.

Our Furniture

Some of our furniture does come with bolts (like our extension tables) but these are to go through hand crafted joints. The tables will stand up on their own without the bolts. Our furniture is built jointed and doweled making it so much stronger and so that it will last much longer. The thickness of the teak is generally much greater than other hardwoods making our products even more robust. All of our furniture is built for endurance, made out of the most durable timber and it is built to last.