Ready for Spring

teak table and chairs in the gardenThe photo shows  four folding chairs and a folding table.

Fixed leg and rectangular or square tables may also be available in various sizes. Make up your own garden furniture arrangement or ask us to help you choose.

Any table can be matched with any set of chairs of your choice from our range.

Each of the items shown may also be purchased separately.

2 thoughts on “Ready for Spring

  1. hi
    i’d like to see your furniture, but i work on saturdays. is there another time or place i could go? we live in rochester.
    we are looking to replace our garden table, which is rectangular, teak and seats 6, 8 at a pinch.
    we would consider an oval table , or an extending rectangular table, or a rectangular one with a similar height side table that could be pushed up to the main table to make a larger table.
    it gets moved from an uneven patio onto the grass about 8-10 times every summer, according to the weather .
    the table we buy would be used in this way.

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