Teak Garden Chairs

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 Broadstairs Carver Chair (Folding) – SOLD OUT £140.00
 Broadstairs Deluxe High Back Carver (Folding) – SOLD OUT £160.00
 Bexley Standard Dining Chair £180.00
 Bexley Large Dining Chair £190.00
 Bexley Carver Chair £195.00
 Bexley Companion Set £495.00
 Eastry Stacking Carver Chair – SOLD OUT £195.00
 Pegwell Stacking Carver Chair – SOLD OUT £195.00
 Canterbury Rocking Chair £375.00
 Adirondak Lounger with Footstool £395.00

Any table can be matched with any set of chairs of your choice from our range.


Andirondak Lounger with Footstool

Adirondak Lounger with Footstool


Classic Rectangular Table 160cm x 90cm with 4 x Standard Bexley Dining Chairs and 2 x Bexley Carver Chairs. Set Total £1,735.00